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Karen MillerExecutive Director
Karen was raised in Eastern Oregon and has lived in three regions of Oregon and Alaska. She has been involved in the communities in which she hads lived in such things as PTA, coaching, and various committees. She moved to La Pine from Alaska in order to help take care of family. While she would say it hasn’t been easy, she would say that it has been rewarding. Along with her family, she has have lived in La Pine since 2012 and has loved being apart of such a friendly community.

As the Executive Director for La Pine Park and Recreation District it is her job to oversee the various parks, facilities and programs of the District. With a background in running after school and camping programs Karen brings a high level of energy and experience to LPRD. Additionally, while living in Alaska, she spent several years working with her husband at a convention center. Karen came to work at LPRD in 2012 running the after school program and eventually took on the role of Executive Director in 2014.

“I will obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Studies in June of 2017. My education and experiences have led me to this current opportunity of serving La Pine Park and Recreation District with pride and confidence.”

Karen’s passion is family and community. She looks forward to making a difference in La Pine by bring new ideas and programs to the District. The overall goal in this endeavor is to provide healthier people and safer environments. Additionally, it is Karen’s goal to be a change agent by helping people to be involved in the community, to appreciate the beautiful surroundings in which we live and by investing in one another.

Karen has been married to her wonderful husband, Mark Miller, since 2007. They have six beautiful children, three who have left the nest and are successful in adulthood, and three still at home. Karen loves the outdoors and creating art.

Bo DeforestYouth Sports Coordinator
Bo’s job is to provide sport opportunities to the youth and adults of La Pine. Sports have always played a very important role in his life.

When he was 9 years old his father took a job at La Pine High School as a teacher and coach of football and wrestling. As long as he can remember his father has emphasized the importance of a good work ethic and being well rounded in sports and in life. Now having two boys of his own, he found it natural to teach his kids and others life lessons through coaching.

Working for La Pine Park and Recreation District as the Youth Sports Coordinator allows Bo to work with two things he loves, kids and sports. Bo believes success comes with hard work, therefore every child has the ability to be successful.

Teresita ToscanoCommunity School and Summer Program Coordinator
Teresita was born and raised in Southern California in a strong Hispanic culture. Along with her parents and three siblings she moved to northern Sonoma Valley in California. Later returning to Southern California, Teresita pursued a career in banking upon graduating high school, which gave her many opportunities to use her bilingual skills. She married and then moved to La Pine, Oregon, where she raised four children while being a stay-at-home mom.

“Getting to know members of the community, particularly families, through my local parish, the schools and various other community activities is a wonderful part of living in the area.”

Teresita enjoys the outdoors and the beautiful Central Oregon summer weather. She also enjoys being active in the community with the after school program. As a Community Lead position it positively challenges her to be available for every student in the program, as well as their families. Teresita also works for the Bend/La Pine School District where she very much enjoys working with students. No matter what she is doing, Teresita strives to create a positive and helpful work environment for the good of the community and the benefit of students and families.

Chad CarpenterAdult Recreation & Education Coordinator; Facilities Coordinator
Chad is a native Central Oregonian, having grown up in the small town of Prineville, OR. He has spent his career working in marketing and branding, organizational development and youth development, both in the private and nonprofit sectors. He is involved in the community as a member of the La Pine Business Vitality Action Team, the South Deschutes County Partnership for Adult Education, the Newberry Country Rural Tourism Studio and the Board of Directors of NeighborImpact.

As the Adult Recreation and Education Coordinator, Chad oversees all of the Adult Programing for LPRD. As the Facilities Coordinator, Chad oversees the use of the various parks and facilities of LPRD. In these roles, he works with community members to ensure that LPRD is providing quality programing and accessible facilities that benefit the community.

“I’m passionate about community! I enjoy the close relationships that can be built, particularly in rural communities, and the work that can be accomplished when people come together in order to achieve common goals.”

Chad lives in Sunriver, OR., along with his wife and three daughters.

Andrea PriceProgram Coordinator
Andie grew up in Switzerland and moved to Oregon when she was 19 years old. She loved exploring the Portland area, and she enjoyed her work with international and U.S. students and faculty at Portland State University.

Over the years she spent a lot of time in Central Oregon and quickly fell in love with the place. In the fall of 2015 Andie and her husband moved to La Pine where they both enjoy spending lots of time outdoors, together with their black lab, Saddle.

As one of the program coordinators for the After School Program and Summer Adventure Days, Andie is excited about getting involved in the local community and making a difference.

Allan FloodGED Program Coordinator
Tony GaidimasMaintenance Coordinator
Tony originally hails from from Canada where he worked in construction as a carpenter. Then, after earning his CDL, he drove for many years followed by 11 years working as a fusion tech. After moving to Oregon nearly 25 years ago, Tony began working as a Contractor. Most recently he worked for Bend Park and Recreation District for the last 14 years.

With such a varied background he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to keeping our parks and facilities in proper working order.

Tony lives in La Pine and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Barbi DunhamProgram Coordinator