Put A Roof On It” call to action Answered by Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Reservation with $10K

By T. Myers

La Pine Park and Recreation Foundation and District is very excited to announce the award of $10,000.00 from Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation for the repair of the roof at the John C. Johnson historical building and insulation for the roof at the Community Hall at Finley Butte Park.

After damages from flooding at the Finley Butte Park building it was closed for repair. The repairs there are underway and will be complete this spring.

The John C. Johnson building is the last vestige of White School Complex left in La pine. It was built to use as a wood shop, and auto shop and classrooms for older students back in the twenties and it also served as the community library building for several years while the Deschutes Public Library System prepared to build our new La Pine Library. Names after former La Pine schools’ superintendent John C. Johnson, it has been home to classes, small businesses, the local radio station, Frontier Days and NeighborImpact during the last decade.

The building has been out of service for two years due to the damage to the roof and the consequent difficulty heating it and keeping the water supply from freezing. Now, after the donation from the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation to help repair the roof, plans are being made to begin the work as soon as the weather allows.

Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation awards grants in the Oregon Counties where they historically lived, hunted, travelled and made their home. Luckily, Deschutes County is one of the counties they choose to serve. They have awarded $10,000.00 towards the two projects because they believe that it will serve the community and they want to support helping the children and families in the area. (Cow Creek is also supporting the La Pine Community Kitchen as part of their ongoing mission to help feed children and families in need.)

The LPRF and LPRD is grateful to the Foundation for their consideration and now they will turn to the community to get more help towards finishing the two projects. The Ya Ya Sisterhood has just donated $450.00 towards the Put a Roof on It Project and LPRD is asking for more donations to help meet the rest of the costs of saving the JCJ building roof. We need to secure an additional $5K for the roof project if possible and your donations are tax deductible. Over the next few weeks you can donate at the LPRD offices in the LPCC or send a check to P O Box 664 for the Put a Roof On It fund. Call 541-536-2223 FOR MORE INFORMATION. Checks should be made out to LPRF with a designation for the roof fund on the memo line. Saving this historical building for community use is a top priority for the district and the community. La Pine thanks the generosity of the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation for their help in repairing the roof at both parks!