We have a variety of learning programs which cater to all ages of adults. Keep your eye on our calendar (below) for the most current schedule. If you don’t see a class on our schedule that you would like to take, let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Adult GED Program

Are you interested in the GED for college financial aid or to get a job? Would you like to improve your basic reading, writing, and math skills to prepare for college or the job market? Our Adult GED classes meet every Wednesday at 6pm at the La Pine Community Center. In addition to our weekly class, online study is also available. See info below:

The GED Program…

…is self-directed and cloud-based using software from the GED Academy Online Learning Program and helps students (adults, dropouts, others) prepare for GED testing, college and career readiness.

…uses adaptive learning technology which combines adult basic education to GED level lessons across five subject areas into a personalized lesson plan that keeps students engaged and motivated.

…allows students work through the lessons (at home, on their smart phones and in the computer lab) while they advance through content designed for higher functional levels through grade 12. Students have personalized lesson plans with practice sessions.

…provides available tutoring for students face-to-face when they attend the weekly 2-hour computer lab class.

GED Graduates…

…on average, earn $2,040 more a year than high school dropouts.

…who attend community colleges, on average, perform as well academically as high school graduates.

…are more likely than high school dropouts to receive additional training after earning their credential.

… are more likely to be employed full time than high school dropouts.

…(approximately 50%) attended two or four-year colleges after earning their GED credentials.

Passing the GED represents a level of literacy widely viewed as necessary for social and economic advancement.

Who: The program is open to adults motivated to further their education and employability.
When: Wednesdays 6pm-8pm. Students are required to attend class at least once per month while enrolled in the GED Academy but are encouraged to attend weekly.
Where: LPRD Computer Lab

Student Fees:

  • $20 one-time registration fee (see fee schedule below).
  • $60 one-time GED Academy Student License (see fee schedule below).
  • GED Tests: $38 each ($152 total for all four). Due at time of test (see scholarship guidelines).
  • Contact us if fees are an issue, we want to make this program affordable for you.
Gross Household Income Fee Schedule
and/or receiving public assistance
$20 one-time registration fee: Can be paid at $5 per month over four months

$60 one-time GED Academy License : Can be paid at $15 per month over four months

$25,001 and above $20 one-time registration fee: Payable at first class

$60 GED Academy License: Payable at first class

Scholarship and Fee Guidelines:

  • Availability of scholarships is contingent upon availability of funds.
  • Generally, scholarships for GED tests will be paid on a reimbursement basis but exceptions are possible.
  • Our goal is for students to complete their GED. While there are costs associated with offering the program we do not want the fees to be prohibitive. We will work with any student who desires to earn their GED, no matter their financial situation.

Other Guidelines: Students must make consistent progress towards a GED as determined by the study goals they set themselves at the beginning of the program and the time their license is active (normally no more than 6 months).

Central Oregon Community College

The Greater La Pine Adult Education and Recreation Committee, in partnership with Central Oregon Community College is now offering live streaming community classes at the La Pine Community Center Computer Lab.

Check our calendar  for upcoming classes!

Adult Education Partnership

The South Deschutes County Partnership for Adult Education exists in order to promote engagement, organization and action among its members as they serve the educational needs of the adult population of South Deschutes County.

We engage by meaningful connection: Partners meet quarterly to maintain frequent communication among members, report programmatic updates with each other and support individual efforts as is necessary and helpful.

We organize by intentional coordination: Partners share and cross-promote classes, workshops and events in order to increase community awareness of the variety of educational and recreational opportunities provided for adults across all organizations involved.

We act by effective collaboration: Partners work together for the purpose of fostering new ideas and creating shared goals in order to better serve adults in South Deschutes County through member’s various programs.


Meetings occur on the first Thursday of each Quarter (January, April, July, October) at 1:30pm at the Community Center.